Every now and then, I need to touch cloth. I will use this space to show my play with cloth and tell my thoughts while stitching.

I will only use unwanted clothing, cast offs, remnants, unfinished WIPs, cloth napkins, table cloths, curtains, and my stash which is pretty extensive.

I also intend to ramble randomly about anything that might come to mind. My rambles may be long or short or with photos only.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Jungle Connection

Dear Timothy,

It is true. I haven't stitched for 5 months. There were so many things going on during the summer and the fact is I have too many excuses to tell. 
The winter jungle was ready to make the connection to the story line and Green Moon Forest and that is what I did yesterday. 
After making the connection, I finished weaving the first Jungle corner.
And would you believe, there are jungle birds circling in the corner. 

Tim, I'm sure you know that sometimes birds circling means something below has died.  But that is not true in this case. 


  1. Wow Sharon...........this looks fabulous, can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. I love the cloth side of you Sharon! I have one too! Whenever it gets cold I want to snuggle up with my "Spirit Cloths" and get meditatively lost in the power of stitch. Your cloth work is gorgeous!!


  3. Sharon~ this just gets more and more awesome!

  4. I cant believe it's been five months....

    This cloth is wonderful Sharon! Have you wrapped yourself in it yet...felt the story? I would just want to wrap it around my shoulders... amazing.

    Jacky xox

  5. So glad to see you stitching again! Happy retirement too! The Diary of Faces class was wonderful.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Sweet Blessings


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