Every now and then, I need to touch cloth. I will use this space to show my play with cloth and tell my thoughts while stitching.

I will only use unwanted clothing, cast offs, remnants, unfinished WIPs, cloth napkins, table cloths, curtains, and my stash which is pretty extensive.

I also intend to ramble randomly about anything that might come to mind. My rambles may be long or short or with photos only.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Jungle Blue Bills

Dear Timothy,

I know what they are now. The circling birds are Jungle Blue Bills. You can see why I'm sure. I've been stitching and today, I'm feeling like just sitting in the chair and stitching. It was so nice to see you and all the family yesterday. I gave thanks for that. 


  1. I see them now.... I didnt see the blue bills at first! Wonderful how it's all coming together, the story unfolding. And I love how they have become birds.
    How nice to sit and stitch after your beautiful Thanksgiving.

    Jacky xox

  2. so great to see this growing again! i was talking w/10yr. old Moon tonight about how I love the blue satin bower birds. i think your Jungle Blue Bills would be very good friends with them!


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